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What I Offer


Leadership Coaching

Become the leader you aspire to be. These focused sessions build self- awareness, nurture your natural leadership style, and help you to lead and connect effectively.
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Personal Coaching

Find a faster and smoother path to your goals. Realise and recognise what your personal journey to success looks like, and then build a plan that gets you there.
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Public Speaking

Bespoke programmes that help you control your nerves, build confidence on screen and in person, and develop the skills to deliver your message with impact.
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Learn how you think and behave with a range of psychometric assessments. Remain authentically you, while choosing those behaviours that would serve you best in any given situation.
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You have what it takes to change your life

You have what it takes to change your life

You are a unique blend of experiences, skills, knowledge and behaviours.  My role as your coach is to help you fine-tune these, and to choose how best to use them to move you towards the life you dream of.  By understanding what’s in your personal talent toolkit, you can make choices that align with your values and your personal vision of who you want to become.  Achieve success in a way that is both meaningful and lasting.

Celebrating success together

As CEO of an organisation in Hong Kong my workload was quite intense. Working with Vicky allowed me to create space to take a step back and reflect on various personal and professional challenges that I happened to be experiencing in the weeks preceding our discussions. After meeting with Vicky, I always felt that I could perceive the particular challenge we were addressing in a clearer manner, and I left with actionable steps that I could take to move the matter forwards in a positive direction. I would highly recommend Vicky as a coach.


CEO, Hong Kong

As a coach and mentor, Vicky recently helped me in my business, guiding me to develop a growth mindset. Not only did this bring a significant change in my work, but also my personal life. Vicky brilliantly combines her knowledge and experience in the business world, with the softer skills needed to succeed in a multi-cultural environment. I would always highly recommend her.


Business Owner, Germany