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Through a series of confidential conversations, thought-provoking questions and assessments, coaching can bring you a new level of self-awareness. Coaching sessions often involve psychometric assessments based on desired outcomes, which shed light on how you think and behave. In turn, they can give you the opportunity to choose how you respond to situations, communicate and collaborate, thus improving your resilience to stress.

Some assessments that I offer are:

Lumina Leader

Lumina Leader gives a deep understanding of your personal leadership style.  It helps to build confidence and agility while giving you the opportunity to adapt your style to meet the needs of your organisation and people.

Lumina Spark

Ideal for leaders, teams and individuals, this assessment reveals your whole personality, and helps increase self-awareness, uncovers hidden potential and teaches you to cope better under pressure. What’s more is that you can continue the personal learning journey with your Lumina profile and Spark Coach.

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Lumina Emotion

Want to be an emotionally intelligent person? No matter what your natural qualities may be, Lumina Emotion can help you manage your personality effectively to suit different contextual demands.

MTQ48 Mental Toughness

Gain a powerful snapshot of your mindset as it relates to the 4 Cs of Mental Toughness – Commitment, Challenge, Confidence and Control. With experiential learning and purposeful practice and reflection, you’ll be coached to bring positive change in the areas that matter to you.

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