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About Me

I have always loved working with people.  From the early stages of my career, training and developing apprentices in customer service, through to co-creating solutions with my corporate clients, to building a highly motivated team to service global business.  I have created opportunities for people to come together and seen how individuals thrive when they are supported and encouraged.

People can achieve incredible success when they understand their strengths, and have a cheerleader and a sounding board. I’ve often been that person for many of my colleagues – someone who had their back but also challenged them to be the best version of themselves.

I have held senior leadership positions, managed culturally diverse teams across a range of functions and locations, relocated to the other side of the world and back again, been a working parent, faced redundancy and switched industries, represented my country in a competitive team sport and overcome my fear of public speaking.  Through each of these I have built confidence and resilience, and a deep understanding of what it takes to strive for and reach some hefty goals.

I bring my life experience, my insights and a good dash of humour, empathy and compassion to my coaching clients, giving them deep understanding and an objective sounding board, supporting them as they gain clarity on what truly matters to them.

I coach because I love to see others succeed. 


  • Associate Certified Coach (ACC) with the International Coach Federation
  • ACSTH Coach Training Programme – Transformative Coaching
  • Lumina Leader 360 / Lumina Spark / Lumina Emotion Practitioner
  • MTQ48 Mental Toughness Practitioner

Assessments & Tools

  • Lumina Leader 360
  • Lumina Emotion 
  • Lumina Spark
  • Lumina Coach
  • MTQ48 Mental Toughness
  • We-Q Team Diagnostic

Corporate Experience

  • VP Sales & Marketing Asia-Pacific
  • Managing Director

International Exposure

  • 23 years working with contractors in Asia-Pacific
  • 10 years managing remote teams across Asia-Pacific
  • 10 years living in Hong Kong 
  • Coaching & Workshop Facilitation in Asia

We are all capable of more than we imagine. Let's work together to uncover what's possible in your life

Sports team

Motivating others and caring for their wellbeing when under competitive pressure has been a huge part of my journey.  I believe we will all go further together.

Sailing crew

Constantly learning new things has helped me cultivate a growth mindset and challenge my ideas about what I’m truly capable of.  Learning from others has been vital.
Everest Base Camp

High altitude

Pushing my body to new heights bought me increased confidence. It didn’t cure my fear of heights, but helped me to manage that fear to keep moving forwards to summit Kala Patthar at 5,644 metres.
Bronze Medal Winner Dragonboat China

International dragonboater

Developing mental toughness was an important part of my training to win a bronze medal representing Great Britain in China, as a member of the ladies dragon boat team.

desert racer

Hiking 250km across the Gobi Desert in 7 days, carrying all my own supplies, helped me get out of my comfort zone, and become comfortable with being uncomfortable.

Public speaker
and mentor

Building self confidence and managing my negative thoughts and emotions enabled me to step into the spotlight, and enjoy being on stage.